Week 2 Reflection

   I have had to back up and think a little more deeply about what my initial posting for this week was focused on.  I don’t think the big problems with implementing the new Alaska standards will be so much about the change from so much fiction to more non-fiction.  I believe the real difficulties will arise because of the shift to deeper vocabulary ability required to progress.  It seems that the more stringent vocabulary and content-rich non-fiction will go hand-in-hand.  So after some clear push back from my initial posting for this week I would like to back track just a bit.

  My first thoughts were that kids would be less interested in a non-fiction heavy reading program and that the challenge would be in keeping their interest.  I based this off limited observation, but necessarily of good teaching or material.  Some of my peers commented that there is some very good engaging non-fiction out there and that good teaching can draw students into it.  I have to admit that they are right and concede that my statements to the contrary were not right. 

  I definitely want to stick with the question to research concerning the use of technology in the instruction of the more complex vocabulary words.  I feel I got some very good feedback concerning this research subject.  Honestly, I don’t feel I assisted anybody, but certainly feel I received a lot of great help from my peers.  It seems I have been quite out of it and unable to really grasp this class.    


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