Week 3 Reflection

After reading everybody’s comments I realized I had some tweaking to do on my question.  Tracie pointed out that my verbage of ‘dig deeper’ was too vague and open-ended and that it needed something a little more Bloom’s-esque.  So I thought I would change it to: “How can digital tools be incorporated effectively in the classroom to instruct Tier 2 and 3 vocabulary words so that students can define and apply them accurately?”  I hope this is more definitive in what I would like to accomplish through this research.

I received some nice comments that I found very useful.  The first was Tracie’s pointing out the vagueness of my question, which I fixed.  The second was in the encouragement I received from Jon.  The last one was truly a gem and came from Michelle.  She gave me a link that is dead on to what I have been looking for.  This was a blog and a website by Susan Oxnevad that just blew my mind.  It had so many resources that I am more than equipped to start work on this project.  Her extra digging on my behalf was extremely helpful and sincerely appreciated.

Michelle and I became acquainted during the Twitter class this past Thursday, when we started discussing what in the world to do for this class.  Personally, I find Twitter frustrating to use as an avenue for communication, but I hope I was helpful to her in her quest to formalize a solid question.


One thought on “Week 3 Reflection

  1. Kevin,
    It is good to hear that you are finalizing your research topic. This seems to be the same song most of us were singing this week. It is a relief to have a renewed focus and receive the motivational boost from others helping us get on our way.
    As far as Twitter goes, yes, a little on the frustrating side but also good because there is somewhat informal when it comes to talking out of turn, that’s the part I like best. I can tweet at will. What works for me is to sign in to Twitter, have a screen up showing my Twitter page, and sign into Twubs.com and have a screen up for it, then follow both pages. I leave the scroll speed set on fastest and manage to keep up for the most part. I lose interest after about 15-20 minutes of twittering but regain it as soon as the instructor tweets the next Q. I have helped others and others have helped me and if I forget what I said I look back at the main Twitter page instead of fishing for the comment on the Twubs page. Others prefer Tweetledeck, I’m sure it has its good points too I preferred Twubs. I hope this helps.
    Have a great week,

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