Week 5 Reflection

The students are really excited with the three digital tools introduced so far.  However, as Barbra commented, I too wonder how long they will be interested in these things.  Truthfully, much of it is a lot of fun and I try to be as involved in it as much as I can.  With Wordle the kids experiments with the various patterns until they get the one they like and then print them out.  Hopefully, my own participation and enthusiasm as well as a handful of other websites will keep things going.  I love it that they are reading more, but hope their comprehension doesn’t decrease because they are so busy looking for big words.

This week I intend to gauge if there is any drop in enthusiasm and if so then I will introduce some more of the tools I have up my sleeve.  It is important to keep in mind that I am not looking to grade any one digital tool as better than another.  I do want to measure overall effectiveness of the concept.  One of the things I would like to do is work in some more measures to ensure reading comprehension is not compromised.   I also have been thinking of separating this activity from reading time and have a focus on vocabulary independently.  I will have to feel it out this next week to see what adjustments need to be made.

My plan for the next couple weeks is to continue collecting data on student enthusiasm with the digital tools.  I would also like to document which ones they were bored with and which ones they really like.  My questions will focus on:

  1. How excitement either holds or wanes?
  2. What seems to work well for vocabulary instruction?
  3. How effective these tools are without a loss in reading comprehension?

1 thought on “Week 5 Reflection

  1. Kevin,
    It sounds like your research is well on the way. It will be interesting to find out how effective the tools you have up your sleeve are for assisting with building enthusiasm. Hopefully the student interest level will hold. I imagine your enthusiasm and support is what motivates the students to engage more. Reading comprehension is an important topic. Active reading is key. I keep reminding myself this point when finding articles for the lit review 🙂
    Great Job,

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