Week 6 Reflection

This last week sure was something.  New students (unhappy ones at that) shifts in attitude and overwhelming need to get things back in order.  Regardless, the research continues.  My first group may not work out so well now, but that’s OK because another group may be available.  In fact I am thinking of broadening my scope of research from looking at just the 4-6 grade class to adding in the K-2 class.  I think this would be interesting because then I could see the differences between the two classes with such different ages.  Not sure yet, but I think tomorrow will nudge me in either direction.   Whatever the course may be I will continue to gather information, learn and grow.

I am really thankful for the encouragement from Karen and Michelle.  It is nice to know that I am not alone in this and that there are some great teachers who have gone before me who offer their support.


1 thought on “Week 6 Reflection

  1. I am there with you I am gathering data in 3rd and 5th grade. The two classes have very different dynamics and learning curves. I am lucky that the 5th grade teacher let me mentor her as we implement these strategies and that she is willing to help collect data.
    On another note I have been trying to open you proposal when I click on it the only thing that comes up is a blank page. Not sure what is going on but put a message in to Lee.

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