Thank Heaven…Week 7!

   After implementing some classroom management strategies I was able to get back to the original research.  It appears the new students we had come into the school were experiencing a bit of culture shock.  Things in the village, as well as in the school, are very different than in Anchorage.  It took me a little while to figure out where these kids are coming from and be patient with them as they try to adjust. 

   Back to the research…I was able to incorporate a couple new tools into the lineup this week, such as InstaGrok and Tagxedo.  InstaGrok is similar to VisuWord, but has some interesting features to keep one engaged.  Tagxedo is similar to Wordle, but has the option to arrange your word cloud into very interesting and artful designs.  Tagxedo has been a big hit thus far because of the extra amount of creativity students can put into their word clouds.

   Since this week went so much better than last week I intend to keep my research question the way it was and not change it.  As far as gathering my research data I have been compiling the info on an Excel spreadsheet.  It will be fairly easy to manipulate the data and I didn’t have to rely on students getting on the internet to do a survey through Survey Monkey.  It may be old school, but I do like being able to have tangible information that I can load into a spreadsheet myself.  



1 thought on “Thank Heaven…Week 7!

  1. Keven, I’m glad to hear you are getting back on track. I know having new students, experiencing the culture shock, can be very hard on them, the class, and the teacher! I am learning about some really cool sites reading your blog! Thanks for that! I hope all goes well! Keep hanging in there! The bush is a beautiful place, but can be full of a plethora of challenges!

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